about xanda mccagg


Xanda McCagg’s paintings push and pull our perception through layers of distilled human experience.  Using the language of line, color, and mark-making, McCagg’s work comments on the dichotomies that shape our lives on both an intimate and global level. Observing the world around her, exploring the cause and effect of shifting relationships as they occur in nature and in humanity, McCagg creates compositions that speak to memory, metaphor, and perception.  

Xanda McCagg’s paintings have been shown in both individual and selected group exhibitions in New York, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, and internationally in Paris France, and Budapest, Hungary. McCagg’s work has been collected extensively by private individuals and is also in the collections of Alliance Capital Management, NYC and Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP, Boston MA.


Along with a BFA in Art Education from Boston University she has completed Fellowship and residencies at C.A.M.A.C Marnay Sur Seine, France, The American Academy Rome, Italy, Visiting Artists and Scholars Program, The Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams MA, and Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT.


She balances her time between painting and running her business:

Art Introductions, SEE ART -MEET PEOPLE, art tours, and events with a social twist. Launched in 2014 McCagg began: “Xanda McCagg Project Gallery “; a subsidiary of Art Introductions. As an extension of her studio practice, this gallery setting is a forum for exhibitions and events highlighting artists and art forms that embody and framework for education, discussion, and inspiration for the public. McCagg keeps a studio in Chelsea, NYC where her work can be seen by appointment.

Artist's Statement

At the core of my work is a fascination with the human experience. As an artist, I observe and comment on the human condition on both a global and an intimate level. The dichotomies we are affected by and that which define us are the root and structure behind the work: how we are connecting or being ripped apart, what we have or lack, when we are strong vs. weak and aware or oblivious, here in the present and then gone. My interest lies in how a subtle or vast shift in alters relationships. My work continues to explore the fine line between perception and imagination of these relationships through an articulation of compositional effects. Using line and form, I determine how much or how little information is necessary to communicate these shifts. Although abstract, my work is influenced by formal principles. I use these principles both literally and metaphorically as the vocabulary with which I develop my compositions.

Iconic cultural images such as a crucifix, relics in history, or a totem, and more recent art and symbols humans are making to express meaning are the roots of these paintings. During the pandemic, these concepts and ideas have taken on a poignant new importance, particularly with these times of discord and distress. Starting with masking tape in a cross, like a tree or a figure shape with outstretched arms reaching, holding, breaking apart, and coming together with paint and pencil, traditional materials, and my hand. Then, using subtractive and additive methods, I force compositional elements into a negative and positive driven by cause and effect, thus abstracting it.


Launched in 2014 McCagg, an abstract painter began Xanda McCagg Projects. 

As an extension of her studio practice and Art Introductions business, Xanda McCagg Projects is a forum for exhibitions, events, and projects.  Highlighting artists and art forms that embody and provide a framework for discussion, education, interaction, and inspiration for the public.